LVT/LVP flooring is a kind of high quality decorative vinyl flooring, as high-tech research developed, new-type ground material, which is usually used in domestic and commercial areas. LVT/LVP flooring is mainly made of polyethylene and calcium carbonate with certain percentage. Polyethylene is environmentally non-toxic renewable resource. All the ingredients are non-toxic, non-radioactive and eco-friendly.

ESTY is a LVT/LVP flooring manufacturer in China, with more than 25 years experience in vinyl flooring. We can produce LVT/LVP dry back, LVT/LVP glue down, LVT/LVP peel & stick, LVT/LVP self adhesive, Loose lay based on the different installation way. And we can provide 1.8 meter LVT/LVP flooring,  herringbone, random installation, based on the size. Besides, we also provide deep embossing/ BP texture, wood embossing/ wood texture, EIR, register embossing/ register texture. As a LVT/LVP flooring manufacturer and wholesaler, we are proud to offer a wide range of vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl tile flooring and luxury vinyl plank flooring for your business or client.


Virgin Materials

Virign materials keep products size stablity

More size options

Accept special size products .

Anti Noice

More PVC content ,excelletn anti noice function


flooring can bend to 180 degree ,no crock.


If you want to customize floorings for your own brands, or purchase for your projects, please leave a message here, we will send our quotation and arrange the delivery of free samples as soon as possible.


Total thicknessmm2.0/3.0
Thickness of wear layermm0.1/0.2/0.3/0.5
Surface treatmentPUR


Length/WidthEN ISO 24342mm≤0.10% /≤0.50mm
Squareness/StraightnessEN ISO 24342mm≤0.25mm
Total thicknessEN ISO 24346mm±0.15mm
Wear layerEN ISO 24340mm±0.05mm
Total mass per unit areaEN ISO 23997一-+13%/-10%
Peeling Strength of layerEN 431>50N (50mm)
Residual indentation(average)EN 433mm<0.1
Fire ResistanceEN 13501-1Bfl-S1
Dimension stability after exposure to heatEN 434%<0.25
Curling after exposure to heatEN 434mm<2.0mm
Color fastness to lightEN IS0105 B02grade>6
Loss on heatingJIS A5705<0.5%
Change in length to water absorptionJIS A5705mm<0.20mm