What's the 3D Print Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring ?

Luxury 3D print technology creative flooring is a special series set up by ESTY for individual creativity – through high-precision digital printing, you can realize almost all the designs you want!

ESTY’s self-developed digital printing technology provides an ideal basis for high-precision digital printing—high-resolution pattern design can be vividly restored to PVC printing film, combined with your favorite color and texture, Create your own exclusive design!



  • Luxury 3D print Technology is a versatile flooring option that can be used in various residential ,commerical ,and industrial settings .Its durability,aesthetic appearl ,and ease of maintenance make it a popular choice for the following applications .


Residential Spaces

Luxury 3D Print Technology  is commonly used in homes, particularly in high-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and hallways.


It can mimic the appearance of natural materials like hardwood or stone, providing a cost-effective alternative with easier maintenance.  

Commercial Buildings

 Luxury 3D Print Technology is widely used in commercial spaces due to its durability and resistance to wear and tear.


Offices, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels often feature Luxury 3D Print Technology flooring, providing a stylish yet practical solution.

Education Facilities

Schools, colleges, and universities often install LVT in classrooms, hallways, and common areas, as it can withstand heavy foot traffic and is relatively easy to clean.

Hospitality Industry:


In hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments, LVT is commonly used in guest rooms, lobbies, and other public areas due to its aesthetic appeal and durability.

ITEMTesting MethodUnit    
Overall ThicknessEN428mm2.0mm2.5mm 3.0mm 
The aperture between two planks mm≤0.1mm≤0.1mm≤0.1mm
StraightnessEN427mm≤0.2mm≤ 0.04mm≤ 0.04mm
SquarenessEN427mm≤0.15mm≤ 0.04mm≤ 0.04mm
Curling after exposure to heatEN434mm≤0.5mm
Dimensional stability after exposure to heat (%)EN434≤0.1% (80℃6h)00
Surface BondingEN 311:2002MPa1.521.651.5
Thickness SwellingISO 24336:2005 1.60%0.03%0.05%
Effect of castor chairEN425No disturbanceNo disturbanceNo disturbance 
Abrasion ResistanceEN 13329AC3/AC4AC3/AC4AC3/AC4
Scratch-resistantEN 438Level 4Level 4Level 4
Click tensile strength· Electronic tension   tester2G/240N/5cm2G/240N/5cm2G/240N/5cm
Staining resistanceEN 438-2 Category 1+2: level 5
Category 3: level 4/5
Category 1+2: level 5
Category 3: level 4/5
Category 1+2: level 5
Category 3: level 4/5
Slip resistance on an inclined planeDIN 51130 R9R9R9
Residual IndentationEN433mm≤0.03mm0.01mm0.01mm
Color Fastness/GradeISO20105-B02Degree≥6 Degree≥6 Degree≥6 Degree
Fire RatingEN13501-1 Class A2 fl -s1, d0Class A2 fl -s1, d0Class A2 fl -s1, d0
Cigarette resistanceEN 438-2  Level 4Level 4Level 4
European CliassificationEN 68523-33-4223-33-4223-33-42
Underfloor heatingsuitablesuitablesuitable
Formaldehyde emissionEN 717-1 000
Heavy Metal EN 71-3:2019 000
TOVC after 28 daysISO 16000-6μg/m3<10 μg/m3<10 μg/m3<10 μg/m3

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