Anti-Static PVC Flooring

In any environment, the movement of people and objects creates constant risks of electrostatic discharge from a host of sources. Anti-Static PVC Flooring, also referred to as anti-static PVC flooring, is an encompassing term for flooring materials and systems designed for use within ESD-sensitive environments.

The hospital is one of the areas where having Anti-Static Flooring is necessary. Patients’ lives could be put in danger if medical equipment isn’t working properly, or ceases to function during an operation or a medical diagnosis. Another area where having Anti-Static Vinyl Flooring is equally crucial is in the electronic components manufacturing plants where the products are very sensitive to static electricity. Ideal for mission-critical, end-user environments that need to provide controlled dissipation such as:

  Data centers

  Server rooms

  Clean rooms

  Healthcare facilities

  Electronic Manufacturing Plants

Anti-static PVC flooring sheet is a flexible homogeneous vinyl flooring, which is in 2m*20m sheet form. Its physical conductive(static-dissipative) granules ensure permanent anti-static properties of ESD vinyl sheet. Installed together with professional accessories, homogeneous flexible material ensures optimum and consistent electrical conductivity throughout a floor’s life.

The ESTY Anti-Static Vinyl Flooring range is a conductive vinyl flooring in rolls that meets the strictest criteria regarding resistance, hygiene, and cleanliness. The bottom layer has a conductive black layer that helps evacuate electrostatic charges., which makes it has excellent electrical values that satisfy customers’ ESD requirements in precision places widely used in the electronic industry Etc.

1. Non-directional pattern makes a more decorative flooring.
2. Special Conductive Backing ensures the stability of static conductive after installation.
3. Installation applies in electronic, computer, communication, medical, transportation indoor flooring.

4. conductive and dissipative static prevent and reduce harm to precision machines and parts. Also reduce dust accumulation in the air, suitable for high static request rooms
5. Homogeneous rolls, flexible, comfortable, relieve fatigue, good dimensional stability, not affected by temperature or humidity; 
6. thick carbon granule backing layer guarantees stable conductive, regardless of humidity.
7. surface floor is flat and shiny, anti-chemical, which makes cleaning and maintenance easier.
8. Anti-bacterial, anti-acid, anti-moth, anti-mildew; 
9. Slip resistance;
10. Many color designs to meet individual needs;

Its Amazing Features Include:

  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Coated with PUR
  • Permanent Solution
  • Affordable
  • Prevents the Formation of Static
  • Impact & scratch resistance
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Not Affected by Humidity
  • Static-dissipative vinyl
  • Flexibility
  • Thermal insulation
  • Noise insulation
  • Long durability
  • Environment friendly & recyclable

Our anti-static pvc flooring is of premium quality, have invisible seams for better installation and prevents the trapping of dirt and contaminants. Available in various attractive designs. And will provide your working environment with the following benefits:

  Safe from static electricity for your workers, equipment, and products

  Cost-efficient and affordable

  Easy to clean and maintain

  Extreme durability