What's the Anti-Stati Vinyl Tile Flooring

Anti-static vinyl tile Flooring prevents electronics from harm caused by static electricity, which builds as people walk. Conductive components scattered throughout the flooring material, such as carbon, graphite, or metal-coated particles, offer ESD floors electrical conductivity and establish an electrical channel from the walking surface to the ground.

Anti-static vinyl tile Flooring standards are based on the combination of ESD flooring and footwear. Some, but not all, ESD flooring also limit charge creation, or static buildup as people walk. As a result, determining the sort of footwear individuals will wear in the area is crucial.


Anti-static vinyl tile Flooring is adaptable enough to be used in a number of Static Control situations.Glue-down ESD vinyl offers long-lasting ESD protection as well as lifetime electrical properties.


Available Color

Anti-Static Vinyl Flooring SPECIFICATION

Total thicknessmm2.0/2.5/3.0
609.6mm×609.6mm (24in*24in)
914.4mm×914.4 (36in*36in)
Surface treatmentAnti-Static WAX





Length/WidthEN ISO 24342 304.8mm×304.8mm(12in*12in)
609.6mm×609.6mm (24in*24in)
914.4mm×914.4 (36in*36in)
Squareness/StraightnessEN ISO 24342mm≤0.25mm
Total thicknessEN ISO 24346mm±0.15mm
Electric Properties 一-2.5×104 ~106Ω/106 ~109Ω 
Decay Time 一-Equal 0.4s
Charge Voltage
 Equal 70
Fire Resistance Grade 一-Bf1
Combustion Properties(<10s) 一-Equal 0.35s
Critical Radiant Flux 一->1.08W/cm2
(Class 1 interior floor
finish,NFPA life safety code 101)
Smoke Density 一-<450 
Colorfastness to light —一-grade>6
Anti-wear properties 一-<2.0mm (T grade)
Dimensional Stability 一-<0.1%

Why Select Us


Esty Anti-static vinyl flooring is a low-cost, dependable, and appealing static-protection solution. When installation in open spaces where downtime isn’t an issue and subfloors are ready to receive glue-down flooring, this direct glue-down solution is a great alternative to our floor.

                                                                                            What If Glue-Down Doesn’t Work?

No worries. Our Esty Anti-static vinyl flooring and is a perfect solution for places with subfloor difficulties, such as high dampness, or where downtime would be too disruptive to your business.

glue-down vinyl flooring meets ESD S20.20 criteria.

                                                                                                More color options and Size

Esty Anti-static vinyl flooring is a homogeneous vinyl tile with conductive veins that run throughout the product, ensuring permanent and consistent conductivity for the life of the product. It comes in four common colors and will give stylish, long-lasting static protection for your workplace.

It comes in 2mm or 3mm,and 4mm thick tiles that measure 18.5″ x 18.5″ or 24″ x 24″ or 36” x 36”

                                                                                How to select a Anti static vinyl tile flooring

Always analyze the following factors when selecting an Anti static vinyl tile flooring for your application:

*The applicable electrical code

*Electrical resistance and charge generation (body voltage) industry standards

*Results of independent tests: STM7.1: resistance; STM97.2: charge generation

*Footwear worn in the area: ESD-resistant shoes or ordinary street shoes

*Any application-specific requirements?

*The environment’s requirements and restrictions

* Buyer goals and objectives 


Anti-Static Vinyl Tile Catalog

Anti-Static Vinyl Tile Specification

Anti-Static Vinyl Tile Catalog Warranty

Anti-Static Vinyl Tile Installation Guide


welding rod

Conductive glue

conductive Adhesive

copper foil

Anti Static Wax

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